Hello all :)

I have a small windows xp network (5 PCs - all Window XP) connected to a Linksys router. Currently all of the PCs are only used for connecting to the Internet.

Now I want to setup an intranet using TikiWiki. I've managed to set the web server running (using EasyPHP) and it functions properly using localhost address. is the gateway is the webserver
and the rest are the clients.

IP address and DNS are configured automatically. NAT in the router is enabled.

The problem is when I try to connect to the server from other PCs, it always fail.

I can ping normally from the clients to the server. Ping replies are as normal.

I don't have dns server installed, so I each time I try to connect to the webserver I use as the address.

I've tried to shut off windows firewall (both in the server and clients), but still no avail. Even when I try to connect from the server itself using it won't show me anything (Firefox said the connection was reset).

How can I fix this? What do I have to do so that I can set the intranet running properly, and clients can also connect to the Internet as usual.