I'm having a problem with two of three computers on my home network.
Computer A is XP
Computer B is 98 2
Computor C is ME 255 ram 73% resorce.

I have computer A and B hard wired w/cat 5 to a linksys Broadband router wireless-G model WRT54-G ( with the latest firmwear installed)
Computer C is using wireless card (Linksys G 2.4 GHZ 802.11g)

I am using DSL from Windstream, Modem speedstream 4200.

The problem I am having is that I can comunicate from C to B wirelessly sharing all shared files and folders back and forth.

I can access A and see the shared files from both B and C.

But if I try to access any of the shared files on A I receive an error,

Error message:
( \\abc\filename is not accessible)
not enough memory is available.
Quite some programs.

No programs are running. And I beleave I have enough memory.

I can ping A from both B and C.

I truned off the firewall on A and tried same problem.

Can anyone help?

Thanks Ray463

Just going on a hunch...try setting the exact same username and passwords on a, b, and c...try it again. I apologize - my ME/98 skills have long since faded but I believe there is a way to setup a login with a password if you currently do not have one...I think you have to go into the Network Connections and add the "Client for Microsoft Networks" to enable a login w/password appropriate to communicate with XP. Obviously you'd want to make sure you have all OS install discs before you attempt any of this on 98!

:eek: ...suddenly I'm having flashbacks of six hour long tech support calls guiding users through extracting cab files from 95 FLOPPY DISKS! Alcohol - please purge this from my mind!

XP wants to authenticate access regardless of the OS you're coming from and ME/98 didn't have mechanisms to authenticate XP last I checked. This may have been corrected but it's been a few years since I've touched ME/98 or cared.

Since your network is obviously working can you access computers b and c from a? If so, then why not install something like VNC to access the console on computer a and simply place the files you want from computer a on computers b and c?

All you need to do is allow TCP port 5900 on the exceptions of your XP firewall (scope: localnet only) and set a password on the VNC server on the XP machine and then copy tvncviewer.exe to the other machines. The VNC client software should work on ME/98 and the whole thing is open source and free. If you can ping, you can do this.


Good luck!