I was wondering how the following could be done. I know it's possible since I have done it before but some time ago. I am in a Hotel that only has wireless Internet access. I however have a Vonage phone adapter that wants to have a wired internet access. So I have a couple of laptops and a rounter. I want to have the first laptop connect to the internet via WiFi. I want the LAN cable to go to the Router (not sure if it should be plugged into the LAN or the WAN port). Then I want the other unit to use that computers internet connection port when accessing the Internt. This way I can plug in my phone adapter into the router and my computer is sill connected via the WiFi.


It all depends what router you have. I would suggest that you setup the following.

Connect your Wireless to the Hotel Wireless System. Plug your PC into a 8 port hub or switch, then plug the phone and any other PC's into hub or switch.

You can then make use of Internet Connection Sharing from within Windows XP. Follow the wizard through and share the Wireless connection with everyone else. You need to make sure that the phone and any additional PCs are set to obtain an IP address via DHCP/Automatically.