I've been using Sygate Personal Firewall for a few years now but the company no longer exists, or it works for Symantec, or I don't know...

Anyway, I tried McAfee, ZonaAlarm, Tiny, Kerio, Windows Firewall and I'm going to try F-Secure now.

I'd like to hear your thoughts about firewalls... I loved Sygate for it's simplicity and effectiveness, and I was told that F-Secure is very much like Sygate.

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Eh, I can't figure a way to edit my previous post... Sorry about that.

F-Secure asks to uninstall programs like NOD32, Ad-Aware and Spysweeper. I'm fine with removing Ad-Aware and Spysweeper if the firewall can do their job, but removing NOD32?



Gah... No replies caused me to do an insane action.

I installed F-Secure afterall and it's not bad at all, actually, I like it way more than I liked Kerio/ZA/Norton/McAfee/Outpost, etc.

The only firewall except Sygate that I liked more than F-Secure was Prisma but I had some issues with it (Even though I allowed a program, for example mIRC, I couldn't use all the mIRC functions, for example DCC -- it has to open random ports to send/recieve but for some reason Prisma blocked it and I have not idea how to make it work :( ).


Well, I changed my mind. The autoupdate of F-Secure was nasty and it was really heavy on the system. Considering I had to remove NOD32, I got some crappy antivirus in return.

I'm now trying Comodo. Tididididid!


i have used zonealarn and avast, dont seem to offer much protection, however im now on norton 2006 - much better, although its stupid alerts will drive me crazy! it seems to update its firewall walls every time i use a plug and play device, even if they dont need net access. norton auto update is quite heavy on the system as well, even though i ran it on my laptop (which was suppposed to be `top spec` when i brought it few weeks ago) it froze every now and then, it also did this on my friends slower toshiba laptop, but never done it on my desktop - weird?, the fact it comes with a antivirus is good but at around £50 prob be costly for some.



Both ZA and Norton are overbloated and overrated firewalls.

I'm now into Comodo. It's free, it's simple and it actually PROTECTS you. Succeeded all leaktests, portscans and exploit tests. :)

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