Hi all. I have a D-Link DI-514 (wireless router) working great in my house. I am about to get an Xbox 360 and want the Xbox Live. However I do not want to spend £60 on the Xbox adaptor. Nor do I want a massive wire (three stories high) going right through my house. Is there a device that will pick up my wireless connection upstairs and be able to output it to a standard ethernet cable.


Thanks all, hope my question makes sense :D

Thanks for your input, but I do not nave another pc what will go upstairs. Anything else? Or do i just bite the bullet and give someone £60 for a Xbox wireless adaptor?

just because you're cheap doesn't mean you're automagically going to get something that does what you want.

a logitech play link or a linksys wireless g game adapter. there are some other third party devices like that that are a bit cheaper than the xbox adapter

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