Well, I have Comcast cable internet and I have 2 computers connected to a Linksys router, WRT54G, one my work computer and the one that I need for my job and the other my gaming rig.

With everything plugged in, router and modem, I can access the internet fine on the gaming computer, but on the other computer it's very odd. When I try to use Firefox, my homepage doesn't even try to load. It just says "Done" at the bottom left of the page. If I do ipconfig/release and renew I can use Firefox and IE for about 10 seconds, then I have to do it again so I can use it again If I don't, I get that damn "Done" message. However, things like ventrilo work sort of even after the browsers don't work. Xfire takes long to start but eventually does, and I can't connect to Steam or play games online on this comp (even though I probably won't on this computer, just extra info).

This has never happened before, and I have also tried directly connecting my computer to the modem without a router, still no luck. The gaming computer can get online fine, both directly to the modem and through the router.

I can also ping websites, i get a 0% loss and I can even ping IP, but still no internet

I've called Comcast technical support and their phone technicians really don't tell me anything I know already. All they tell me to do is unplug my modem for 20 seconds and then plug it back in (like I haven't tried this already).

Please, if anyone can help with this it will be greatly appreciated. Ever since my Internet hasn't worked for me, I have been unable to get any work done.

If anyone needs more information, please ask and I'll provide.

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It sounds as if you have a virus or spyware on the machine.

My suggestion

1) unplug work computer from router so you stop any risk of infection passing elsewhere.

2) Even if you have antivirus software go to avast.com. Go to down loads and you will find a one Avast Virus Cleaner Free Copy to work machine via memory stick and use it to scan.

3) Whilst that is running get a copy of Ad-Aware from Lavasoft. Aagin it is free. Copy to work machine and scan. Remove anything it finds.

If either scans find anything, cold boot pc and re scan.

Then cold boot, reconnect to internet and let us know what happens.


My desktop HP was working fine up to a week ago, now I can't get on line, I keep receiving pop ups stating I'm not connected to the internet. Please, any suggestion??? HELP

My computer cant connect to the internet. i have a laptop: a dell inspiron of the latest model and the internet connection tab on the bottom right wont show any networks, not even my home one. i know its not a virus because i rarely download and i've ran 3 virus scans with 3 different programs. please help, i really want to get back online.

Can you connect to other network not belonging to yours? Run a scan with Malwarebytes. Go to the website and download the free version and run a full scan with it if you have never done so. Make sure your wifi switch at the side of your laptop is on and your firewall or other softwares is blocking the internet.

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