On my other computer (Windows ME; not connected to the internet), I get the "Restore Active Desktop" wallpaper almost every time I start up. This has been going on for a long time and goes back to normal when I click "Restore Active Desktop". Recently, my CD-ROM drive does not recognize any disks that I put in it. This had been an "off and on" problem for months but now it won't recognize anything. This computer is mostly used for the kids and their games but I can't do a thing with it now. Any ideas? I've run scandisk and defrag already.

The two problems are likely not caused by the same thing. Start the computer up, Restore Active Desktop, then restart the computer. If active Desktop soesn't display this message this time, then it's problem is likely caused by a problem with shutting the computer down properly.
The CD drive, or cable leading to it has likely failed causing your D drive problem. A replacement drive isn't that expensive, and normally comes with a new cable. Often, you can find someone locally who will give you a used CD-Rom drive for free, and might even install it for next to nothing. For just kids playing games, the system shouldn't need a cd/rw drive even if that is what it has now.

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