can anybody assist me with connecting my two computers together. one is an HPpavillion with windows98 and one is compaq presarrio with XP.
can this be done with thin coax, thin-ethernet, thinnet, or BNC.
can this be done with 10baseT, RJ-45, twisted pair ethernet, or 10BT.
i have two books, the complete idiots guide to windows 98, which is no help, and windows 98 for dummies, which does help somewhat.
thanks for your replies, Ed James

I'm not an network guru, so get these as one of many opinions...

to connect 2 PCs (without aa switch or hub) you need to assign a different IP addresses to each pc: for PC1 and for PC2. After that you need a one cross-over cable (for direct connection between two computers). I asume you have LAN cards on these PCs.


i don't even know what a LAN card is. so i probably don't have one. i should have been more specific. i just want to connect them together internet-free. so i can download info on to the presario which has the burner. thanks for the reply, Ed James

your LAN card should just be a port on the back of your PC/ laptop.
google 'ethernet port' you should find a picture of one somewhere.

check to see you have a port on each system, then go out and buy a 'cross-over ethernet cable'
use that to connect your PCs together.

on windows 98, you wil have to use the 'help' and search for networking wizard and run it.
on windows xp, go to
start> network places> click on 'set up home or small office network'

follow the wizard...

if successfully done you should be able to share folders between the 2 computers.

to share a folder, right click any folder, then select 'share this folder on the network' when done, go to the other computer and go to
start>network places
and the folder should be there...

hope i have helped...

windows98 requires you to go to a sharing box in a network setup wizard. when i click on sharing tab, i get a window entitled shared as. i clicked on shared as, in the share name box, i have typed in my documents. in the comments box, i typed in hard disk because that's what the book said. in the name/access rights box, i am unable to type anything in. i am not able to get an I bar to appear in there.
there is an add, ok, cancel, and apply. if i click on add, i get a pop-up window entitled sharing with a red X that says you cannot view the list of users at this time, please try again later.
if i click on apply, i get a pop-up window entitled sharing with a red X, that says you have created a shared resource but have not given permission to anyone to use it. do you want to add user permission now? if i click yes, then i get a pop-up entitled sharing with a red X, that says you cannot view the list of users at this time, please try again later. no matter what i do, i am unable to type anything in the name/access box.
according to the book, there is an add users window that awaits me. but i can't get there. thanks for your reply, Ed James