i recently got my airport extreme card..
and i installed it.. with the software that came with it..
i went to barnes n nobles and starbucks..
but i could NOT get a connection
it was my first time trying to get a connection, so i went to the public places to get wireless networking..
at starbucks.. they have t-mobile hot spot
and at barnes n nobles they have a sbc wireless connection

i have NO clue what's wrong. or how to do anything about it..
i'm clueless about computer things..
pleaseeee give me specifics~~ thank you

by the way.. i do not have the airport base station (the round white thing)

First, make sure that the wireless adapter is working properly and the network connection is enabled and set for DHCP rather than a static IP address. Search for nearby connections to make sure that you can see the wireless access point of the place you're trying to connect to. If all of that works then your problem is probably going to be something with the login. You'll probably need to check with the management to see if you need a user ID and password, and what kind of security they implement. Chances are good that if you can't connect, there's someone there, be it an employee or a fellow workaholic, who can give you a hand.

my networking setting or seomthing is on DHCP..
and even tho it is a public connection that they give anyone, i still have to tell them my information? hm..

when i installed my airport card, and the software.. is there anything else that i had to install??

It's a public connection that they give to anyone, but to protect you they have to provide security measures or risk lawsuits every 30 seconds or so. ;) If your connection isn't prepared to use those security measures then it won't work. It doesn't have anything to do with you giving them the necessary information to establish a link.