Location: Content Mastery
OS: Win98 SE

She can cannot log onto the network, but she can get on the Internet that is filtered through the network.

She tries to put in her password, and it says that the domain will not validate her PW because it is invalid. So, she can not check her e-mail or log onto the teacher's folders.

Does this make sence?


It does if the authentication mechanism for the Internet filter is different from the network domain. Windows passwords are case sensitive, perhaps the Internet filter's mechanism is not. In the vast majority of these cases that I have seen, the password or username being sent to the domain, really was wrong or someone entered the users name or password incorrectly into the domain. Question to ask: Has she ever been able to login to the domain? Either way, just having the password reset to what she thinks it should be, will generally fix it.

Hmm... well, I have a feeling that it is her computer.
She has been able to log onto the domain all last year. PLUS the fact that I can log in as her on another computer.

I guess that would be a totally different pony then, huh?

Nevermind. I just got word from the technology staff that there is something wrong with the 2003 Server that they put in that is not letting some of the 98s log on.

Any ideas on that?

Not without more information. Sorry. If they introduced a new server, there are just too many possibilities. You might just try to see if you can log on from her computer with your username/password. If you can, then they have messed up her username/password somehow.

I just got done talking to the Techs again, and they told me that the only way to fix this, is to upgrade all the computers to Win2K.

ARE THEY NUTS?! That means that I have at least 30 computers in one week that I need to do, and I don't have a frickin cloner.

Eh, oh well, I'm sure that they will let me borrow theirs.

Meh. Installing Win2k on 30 computers in one week is no big deal. If you have all of the appropriate Product Keys and everything, you could format all of the hard drives and copy the i386 folder off of the Windows 2000 CD to each system's hard drive. Then, you could install from there. Get one install cooking, move to the other, get it going, move to the other, wash, rinse. repeat. You could get a good bunch of them running in one day going that route. A cloner would probably take just as long, anyways...

Ok... Found out a way to fix it all. They made a disk that has DS Client on it. Run that program, and the 98s can log in. THanx for all the help!