I just bought a Microsoft MN-700 G band router. I will be sitting right next to it and it will drop the connection to my laptop and the two desktops i have hooked to it. I am using a D-Link GW630 wireless adapter in my laptop. I have a LinkSys 10/100 NIC card in one of the desktops the other is a Dell optiplex GX110 so I have no idea what kind of card is in it. But any ways I can be sitting there online and it drops the connection. My D-Link software will still see my router but cannot connect to it. I bought it at a trade show for 35$ because the box was a little banged up. I have restored the factory settings a few times and it still does it. The only thing I can think of is the fact that I turned it into an access point so I can still see my other network. I have a network in the house already and I bought this wireless router so I could use my wireless card. any ideas?

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I'm thinking you didn't take to heart your own signature there. :P

You may have a defective router. Have you checked for firmware updates on the router?


I guess I didn't lol. I have had it up now for 2 weeks and it now seems to be fine. It doesn't like my D-Link wireless card for some reason. My friend can bring his laptop down to my house and it works fine for him. So I'm not really sure.

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