A month ago I moved into a house which has a Linksys router via a cable modem (Comcast). I bought a Linksys wireless B adapter (the one that sits on top of the tower) in hopes of connecting to the router. For the first couple of weeks, I could connect to the internet with either a "very good" signal or an "excellent" signal. Well, all that has ended as I have not had a consistant signal in 2 weeks. For 5 days I had no connection at all, and as a matter of fact, I have had to revert back to dial-up just to type this message. I have spent hours on the phone with the Linksys people, the Hewlitt-Packard people, and even the AOL people trying to solve this problem. They have had me do micro-surgery on my computer ("now type xxx"; "click on start...", etc.). to the point where I am nearing a nervous breakdown. The actual router itself seems to be working properly (all connections are fine), but I have no way of checking it personally because it is in a restricted area of the house (it belongs to my landlord). So tonight I disconnected the adapter with plans to return it to Radio Shack for a refund or exchange. I'm either stuck with dial-up (which I cannot tolerate) or I have to find another way to get high-speed. Unfortunately, Verizon DSL is not available in my area nor is Earthlink (I don't live in the boonies, but apparently I'm too far out of the city).

If anyone has any router suggestions, I'm open (although I've probably tried everything). I'd also appreciate alternative high-speed connections. Has anyone tried AOL Broadband?



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Hello Craig,

AOL is a virus. Not in the sense of a virus, but it will take over your computer,and absorb you. Stay away from AOL. It is not good.

As for your issue, perhaps you can work with your landlord to sit next to the wireless router and work with it for a little while. Ask him if did some recent configuration changes to it... maybe turned on security to a new code, perhaps moved the router around to a different location, or in some cases, there are abilities to turn the transmitter power down on the main unit (I have mine set to 25 percent, as I am in a smaller apartment, and on a second floor. I do not need to radiate 2 blocks around me).

It could also be something out-of-box like the power connector on the back end of the unit is flaky. Maybe the thing is turning on and off when you need it.

If the router end looks alright, then yes, get a swap on your network card. It is very possible that the electronics within fried out. You might also take your laptop (assume that the wireless is a laptop) to the Shack, and try it out on their network and see if it works.

Good luck.


I spoke with my landlord and he said he is having the same problem. He will sit right next to the router with his laptop, and the wireless signal will either be very low or non-existant. He is going to either switch the router altogether or upgrade he firmware (whatever that means).

Other than Lynksis, are there other brands (such as Motorola) considered to be more reliable?

linksys is typically pretty good; they we're purchased by Cisco which is the major player in internet backbone/isp equipment

I agree with aeinstein, Linksys is a good name thier routers are normally really excellent. If your landlord is also experiencing problems it sounds like he has made a change to the router that is causing your problems. If he has not made any changes a firmware update may do the trick.

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You might also consider that there is outside interference with the wireless signal that is messing things up. If your second router experiences any problems...ditch it and go hard wired for your network.

Hey!.. my first suggestion is to contact Comcast! - they might have cutoff your LAN connection (the landlords - that is!). Usually that is the indicator - if things work fine for awhile (assuming they still had a paid up connection) and then once its been disco'd - they (the Telco - ie.. Comcast) - will disco the direct exchange (DXC) Connection to the line!.. therefore - no more DSL - no more Dialup - unless you get a FREE dialup like IPWest or some other that offers a free trial like PeoplePC or others (depending on your locality). Avoid AOL at all cost.. I have had to use them - but its costing my bank account dearly!.. even for their so call FREE 1175 hrs of FREE ACCESS!.. they will charge your account even before the time is up!....So go that route first - and if that doesn't work - I am almost sure Comcast is the culprit here!...
Try to take out the Linksys Card and reset your computer with it out!.. and then re-install in a different PCI slot - and restart again!.. reinstall the Firmware (you should have a CD or the Landlord should have one!) if not Download the drivers at Drivers.com (join - its FREE!).. and insure you upgrade all OS - XP should have SP1 as a minimum - SP2 should be loaded!.. and all other Upgrades!.. Let me know what you get!.. email: jcpose@lplend.com, jwarrior47@yahoo.com or posejc@hotmail.com..

Looking forward to solving your issues - I have a few myself!..

So sayeth the Sarge!.

Before you do anything else tell your landlord to change the channel from the default (usually 6 on linksys) to 3 or 9...sounds like both of you are getting interference in the signal...probably another access point operating on the same channel. Another thing I've noticed with the linksys routers is that their "Mixed mode" (b-g) isn't very intuitive and causes trouble negotiating connections...try changing that to B only if changing the channel doesn't work.

You can use Netstumbler to look at which access point is using which channels and possibly identify a culprit AP. The easiest thing to do would be to try changing the channel and seeing if signal comes back.

I was browsing the web and saw your request for help. I'm looking at the date of your request for help and I see its been a while or your computers date is still out. I read and understood that you moved into a home and had a linksys rhouter thats cool. and you were able to connect for a few and then cannot. to start out my suggestion is Reset your router , ( with the reset button on back of router) thats giving you access to router so you can reset any passwords or configurations, then reinstall your wireless b adapter to laptop or computer. Now if you have any other previous wireless utilities than the one from linksys you should consider uninstalling it. because having two wireless utilities will have a conflict , when one wants to connect it will disconnect the other. so in other words you should only use one wiereless utilities or let windows manage your wireless connection. these instruccions are just primary configuration so the only two things working are the linksys router and the wireless adapter , there nothing else is giving you a conflict. Now if the problem persists than its basicly hardware problems . wireless adapter is defected and or router . another thing remember that when you go back to wireless you must disconfigure the dial-up connection so it doesnt interfear , cannot have both .

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