Hello, my name is Ben.

I have came here for help many times and recently joined to ask a question that i cannot find help for anywhere else.
Because i have recieved so much help from this website i decided to ask here!

I have recently reformatted my computer, after backing up important files to a friends computer and external harddrive. That was about three weeks ago and two weeks ago i moved to california.

I noticed that about eight gigabytes of information was not on the external hardrive i have with me but my friend has the files on his computer still.

So the question is: What Is The Best Way Of Retrieving These Files?

Would it be best to have him FTP them to me, setup up an acount on a file hosting website for him to upload them to, zip the files and upload using a p2p client (UTorrent) and ip address, or (the one i have to wait to do) send my hardrive to him to have the files placed on, and sent back through mail, my leat favorite option. I cant think of any other way and we both have highspeed internet.

Thank you, and i couldnt find a better forum to post in. Ben.

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any of the option listed are viable, or have him burn them to 2 dvd or one 8g dvd i would say the ftp is a best bet cheap and fast.


how would you set up a ftp client to be ready to send? any guides for this out there? and i read in a few threads down which one is the best.


Tere are peer to peer FTP softwares available. Google that, set up the same software at both ends, read the help file and press the button.


ftp is pretty simple. for large transfers under windows bulletproofFTP seems to be the best. you can download it from the offsite and use it free for 30 days (should be enough for the transfer)


Thanks alot! I will post back for questions but idont think ill be having any. thanks again! :D


man, i think the best option is a dvd. two 4.7gb dvds will do just fine.It will be like killing two birds using one stone because you'll have backed up the data in the dvds.Have a nice day.;)

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