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Hi all people with more knowledge than me am trying to connect to a wireless network in house (I share a house) and the others can all use the network fine (from 3 different laptops). The network has been up for about a week now with no problems to them. 1st problem was I didn’t have the aegis protocol installed but that has been fixed, the aegis client (version is now able to secure the connection so the password is correct, windows connection utility states connection established, Network Stumbler also is able to get a connection to the router.
And any other wireless network that I get to is able to connect fine

Even I have all this to confirm that the connection is proper, I am unable to ping anything over the network including the router and any of the other laptops, the same thing happens when a GPRS/wireless adaptor is used to connect to the network.

What I’ve done (not in order) includes updating my drivers, reinstalling SP2 only (not a complete reinstall of the OS), using a static IP address, copying network settings from a laptop that works using windows utilities, placing the laptop next to one that works and double checking the settings on both the card and the network, checking with the router that my ip/mac address is not blocked on the router. I am at a complete loss with what else to do and any help that u can give me would be greatly appreciated

Probably not important but the ram controller, ram, GPRS/wireless PCMCIA card all got destroyed in a power serge and motherboard, ram and card were all replaced about a month ago.

Some other info that will be needed include
The router is a netgear wpn 802
Security is wpa-psk
Encryption is tkip
All laptops are running XP Pro SP2

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have you tried re synchronising your wireless adaptor with the actual router itself. you need to ensure that all items are set to the same channel so that you can connect to the network. Ping is a network protocol and there needs to be something there at the other end for the 2 way communication process to take place.

look into your security settings on the router and the adaptor and ensure all is the same and that the wireless channel is the same.

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nice catch :-) ae

1. Can you ping the local loopback address of the problematic computer?:


2. Can you ping the IP address assigned to the problematic computer?:

ping IP_address_of_computer

3. Does the laptop work when hard-wired to the network via a CAT5 Ethernet cable?

4. Have you disabled any and all firewalling software on the problematic computer?


everything else that is NOT on that network works fine, from cable to 8 person gaming lan, to wireless on the nighbours router(it dosnt allow for as many connections and almost crashed with 3 of us on there)

all firewalls are off, i had the opion of zone alarm security suite firewall but that was completly disabled

i will be looking into synchronising the wireless on the net, i know what channel it is on (10) however i have no idea how to find out which channel i am on or how to change the channel

thanks so much so far, i think it will be alright and that JANINE hit the nail on the head with the problem, cheerz

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