Please read these to sources of information:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antivirus (issues of concern)


What do you think?

Of course for the average and uninformed user a AV is kind of the gadget that will stop you from speeding, but for those who are informed, sensible and adopt the common sense approach when accessing the www, are these kind of products really needed?

If needed is a real-time protection really required?

I am asking this because in all this time I used computers (around 10 years) I never caught a single virus. Of course I had issues in the past but they were more spyware related, and for these different applications are needed (specific antispyware programs).


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it basically depends upon what kind of user you are ....if you use if for basic purposes working with office applications without much hi-fi working on tools and applications....you might not require it....
the underlying rule is that (what i have observed) the more latest softwares and applications and upgrades you do ....the more bugs you have and the more counter softwares you would require.....you should choose either this way or the other ....can't do both....
pappu r.


You do what you want but I wouildn't be caught dead without antivirus running and scanning both the browsers as well as email. Allowing so much as even one virus can completly wipe out your computer and maybe steel your identity, costing you pleanty of money and time to fix. With free virus scanners that danger isn't worth it.


By using a virus scanner on your pc is just one step towards ensuring your compurtr are secure.

Since now we have a real virus floating around in the internet , but with the help of antivirus we can protect our files from being infected


If you don't use the internet at all or only for downloading e-mail from a web server, then they are not much use really. If you use the internet for general browsing every now and then, get an Anti-virus programme, hackers can do all sorts of mysterious things.

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