It would appear that Japanese swimmer Kosuke Kitajima, who won gold in the men's 100m breast stroke event, has a Nintendo Wii to thank.

I was always told not to wee in the pool, but Kitajima had his Wii in the gym so that's OK then.

Apparently, the Olympic swimmer included playing games on the Wii as part of his training routine to prepare for the Olympic Games.

Now you are probably thinking he was using that Wii Fit thing, but no, Kitajima reckons he played Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games instead.

"Mario does the breaststroke. And thus, it's perfect mental training for envisioning the actual Olympic hall" Kitajima says.

Is it just me, or does this sound suspiciously like someone who either has or is hoping to get a sponsorship deal?

Meanwhile, injured athletes are turning to Wii Fit as part of a rehabilitation process according to yet further reports. "Fitness-oriented video games have great potential for core strengthening and rehabilitation" we are assured.

Still, it makes a change from mass murderers training by playing GTA I guess.

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Lol at last sentence. Indeed the Wii is turning out to be as epic to this generation as Nintendo and SNES Consoles were. Well done to Nintendo for coming back successfully after the GameCube

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