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Meh! It is official.


If you spend anytime online, posting in forums, discussing blog entries and getting involved in heated IM conversations then the chances are you have said it.

Even Lisa and Bart Simpson have said it.

Meh. We said meh!

Now, meh is officially a word rather than just an online utterance. It has crossed that line between being a strictly US only interjection, a mostly online phenomenon, to being a word in the Collins English Dictionary.

It means, as if you did not know, 'an expression of utter boredom or an indication of how little you care for an idea' and can be used as an interjection to suggest such indifference or boredom according to the dictionary.

So how did meh manage to get such official recognition? Pretty unsurprisingly it is that Internet effect again as this was a word chosen in preference to hundreds of other new words for inclusion by the public as entries in the 'word of mouth' campaign organised by bookseller Waterstones and the dictionary publisher.

The head of content at Collins Dictionaries reckons the Internet is helping formalise spellings of previously vocal only interjections such as meh. "People are increasingly writing in a register somewhere in between spoken and written English" he says.


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