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Smartass satnav and the 32 mile traffic jam


This morning I awoke to read news headlines declaring the worst snow the UK had seen for some 13 years, with reports of thousands of minor accidents and major motorway networks grinding to a halt. In London the public transport system collapsed, with London Buses, Underground and trains all being taken out of service as it was too dangerous to continue.

However, one timely news alert caught my attention as it was from Sat Nav outfit TomTom. The snow had caused 388 traffic jams on major UK roads, it informed me, with the TomTom HD live traffic reporting service showing no less than 1086 miles of gridlocked traffic by 8.30am GMT.

Amazingly, the M25 motorway could boast of the longest single traffic jam between J19 Watford and J8 Reigate (where I had travelled from the night before, funnily enough) of some 32 miles at 7.30am GMT.

In terms of waiting time, however, the longest delays were showing as being between J11 of the M27 motorway and the M3 interchange at 8am GMT when motorists could expect a delay of some 1 hour and 27 minutes no less.

All of which means pretty much nobody is at work in London today. Of course, everyone has broadband so those folks with sitting at the computer type jobs get to do exactly that, but at home instead of the office. Great. You know what, I think I would rather be in my warm car, sitting in a 32 mile long traffic jam and listening to some good music while sipping hot coffee from my flask.

Actually, it would not have made any difference because my smartass sat nav would have routed me around that jam and found a quicker way to get me to the office.

Technology may have come on leaps and bounds, but there is a lot to be said for the days of old when being snowed in meant snowball fights, snowman building and toasting your feet in front of a warm fire.

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