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Hello everyone!
I have a very serious problem, and I need help:
I have an (old) computer:
Asus p4p800-VM
Radeon 9200 se
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy SE SB0570

The mouse, keyboard and screen, are connected to the computer through a switch (Edimax).

The computer had problems before, and tried to fix them. I saw that the connections from the front panel of the computer case to the motherboard were faulty. I rearranged the connections to the motherboard according to the board's original user guide, which I downloaded from the original ASUS website, they are now set well.
Having done the connections (and there for also the case speaker, which was set faulty), I began to hear a series of beeps (six) form the BIOS every time I turned the computer on.
The beeps were irregular and did not match any of the tables on manufactures site (not uniform and differently sounding beeps (.

Other than the beeps, the computer worked great.

One problem it did however had, was that it would not return from standby mode (Windows XP). After the computer would go into standby mode, any and all clicks of the mouse or keyboard would not bring it back. The power LED on the front panel would blink, but it would not return from stand by.

The only way to restore it was to press the power button; it would cause a computer to reboot (POST, BIOS, etc...)

After several attempts, hoping to bring the computer out of standby, I hit reset - nothing happened, then I tried to press the power button - nothing too, a blinking LED and nothing else.

Tried to hold down the power button (10 seconds) - nothing.

I turned off the computer's power supplier, pulled out the power cord and put it back, turned on the power, pressed the power button - and nothing. Absolutely nothing! No fans, no beeps, no response from the screen, nothing!

Currently, when power is connected, there is a LED on on the motherboard, and the switch is receiving power and blinks, but otherwise nothing happens!

I tried to:
Check all connections,
Turn off the power supplier,
Disconnect the power cable,
Press the power button for a long period of time (a long weekend with Bad & Breakfast?)
Click reset,
And any other reasonable thing - and nothing!

The computer will simply not turn on, at all. No fan, ne sign of life, though it is clearly getting electricity.

Please please help a desperate soul,
Thanks in advance,


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