Hello Guys,

I am using Adobe Acrobat Pro extended and I have created a form. When I email it to someone they can still make edits, but I don't want them to be able to.

Thanks in advance
Vicky Milza

Do you know how to sign the document with a security certificate? That can help prevent tampering. If someone else (without your certificate) edits the document, it breaks the signature. BTW, unless you created fill-in fields on your PDF page, somebody with Adobe Reader (or equivalent) will not be able to change the document. It will take someone else with editing software, like Acrobat.

You could try to use PDFTK or QPDF - they both support rights management. Note that only Adobe Reader or Professional really listen to this. An open source Reader might not respect these blocks...

I thought that Adobe Acrabat Pro had the ability to protect the document from subsequent edits. Have you checked the tools/options settings?

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