My cousin wants me to repair her original fat XBox 360. It will play DVDs fine, but when trying to load a game just completely locks up. I've determined that the disk drive is failing, and that it is a Philips Lite-On DG-16D2S. I have an old busted 360 and, before researching, just tried swapping the drives; needless to say this didn't work. I've been reading up and found that there are 2 ways to replace a disc drive, getting the exact same model and replacing the new drive's circuit board with the old drive's, and by getting the Drive Key from the original and flashing the new drive. What I can't seem to find however, is that if I attempt to flash a second drive with the original drive's key , does it still have to be the same model drive? What I mean is, the drive I have from the busted 360 is a Toshiba Samsung TS-H943, could I get the Drive Key from the original Philips Lite-On, then flash the Toshiba Samsung drive to work for her 360, or would I still have to buy a second Philips Lite-On drive to replace hers?

Nevermind, I figured out through another forum that I have to swap the boards of identical drives, any flashing of the drives would result it a ban from XBL.

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