**REALLY URGENT: Please help if you can!?!?!?!?!?
So I decided to install Tiny 7 by eXPerience one day. I have a russian Roverbook Voyager CT5 W which is pretty old [2002-2004]. It has a 1.80 Ghz intel pentium 4 processer, 256 megabytes of ram, and a 27 gigabyte hard drive. As I was going to install it, I heard that you need a fresh partition on your hard drive to install Tiny 7. So I completely misunderstood that and thought that it ment you needed a fresh hard drive without any files on it [basically a computer without anything but bios]. I used some program that you boot at startup to completely wipe all the files off of the hard drive and completely screwed up. I later found that Tiny 7 won't install without bootcamp and without creating a partition. Which of course you need an os to perform that! So now I am left with a computer that is basically useless. Not only that, but it is my mom's very old laptop. Not to worry about files, I backed them up. Just that my parents might get pretty pissed that the laptop won't work [we have a family desktop so we basically forgot about this laptop, but I bet my parents will find out]. So maybe someone can tell me where i can get a pirated xp or something and how to boot it from usb, or maybe they have completely different advice for me. Maybe you can create a partition without an os????? Well now that you know my situation any and every response will be appreciated!!! Thanx :)

Sorry, but I'm not familiar with Tiny7, but bootcamp is ONLY for Apple hardware, which yours is not, apparently. I would suggest that you install a small Linux OS on the laptop. There are a number of which will work with this old hardware, such as Debian, Puppy, DSL (Damn Small Linux), etc.

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