I wanna align my partition, but I am a computer fresh man.My friend helped me download one software called Partition Star. I don't know which step make in alignment failed in the process of operation.


What are you talking about when you say you want to align your partition? You do realize that if you change a partition size on the fly that you could lose everything on that partition. Yes there are programs that will do it but it is not a good idea. If you are talking about making all of the partitions the same size then I have to ask WHY??
If you are a computer freshman then the last thing you should be doing is messing with the partitions on a working system. If you want to play with partitions then get a secondary drive and mess around with it instead of killing your current system because you did not know any better.

I have already solved my problem.But thanks for your reminding.

Windows 7/8 have a program that changes existing partition size so that you can create new partitions. I've done it several times with no problems. There's also Partition Magic, but if you have Windows 7 or 8 you don't need it.

Ok, Partition Wizar is also fantastic and professional