Hello everyone! I hope someone will take mercy upon me and guide me in the right direction. It's for a project in my Security Fundamentals class. I'm using PuTTy and the professor is wanting me to create a file named file.txt with the word "password" in it using Pico. I have done that (several times) and now I'm at a loss because the way I'm understanding the exercise is there will be a password prompt (that I do not have). I'm going to list his instructions, and if anyone can help me out it will be greatly appreciated. I've emailed other people in my class, but they're either stuck or haven't responded. I'm going to apologize in advance for either looking too much like a noob, or posting this in the wrong spot. I just haven't used PuTTy much at all. Here are the instructions....thanks again!

e) Once logged in type in the request commands. To create a file, type pico. A blank screen with a menu
at the bottom shows. Start typing your text
f) In pico, use Control-O to save your typed text to a file and Control-X to exit pico.
Type your answers in a Word document and attach to the Lab 1 area on Blackboard.
OpenSSL encryption/decryption
(a) Type the word password in a file called file.txt using the pico editor and exit the editor. Type the
following command, responding to the password prompt with the word password:
openssl enc –aes-256-cbc –salt –in file.txt –out file.enc
Then type the following command:
cat file.enc |xxd
Give the displayed contents of the file.enc which represent the ciphertext for password.
(b) To get the SHA512 hash of the encrypted file, type the following command:
openssl dgst –sha512 file.enc
Give the output of this command.
(c) A file called message.enc is provided. The provided file was encrypted with 128 bit Advanced
Encryption Standard in cypher block chain using openssl and the password passphrase. Decrypt using
the following command:
openssl enc –d –aes-128-cbc –in message.enc –out message.dcr

Before we try to help you, post here EXACTLY the steps you took, and where you failed to move forward. You have provided your professor's instructions, but nothing about what (precisely) that you did to follow them...

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