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But I received this message:

Registration denied, this forum runs an active policy of not allowing spammers. Please contact us via the “Contact Us” page link if you believe this is in error.

I never spammed any one since it's a waste of time.
My IP is not black listed on honey pot or honey spot website nor on stopforumspam.
I tried using different browsers, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari get the same message.
Tried deleting my Internet history and same message.
I tried formatting my Windows from beginning.
Tried registering to 10 different forums and same problem.

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How were you able to post this thread if you are not registered?

I tried formatting my Windows from beginning.

You mean you really reformatted your hard drive? Why?

Tried registering to 10 different forums and same problem.

You mean you get the same problem on all 10 forums? Maybe it's your name, try a different name.

My first thought was that I wonder if all of the forums use the same anti-spam system such as but it seems you thought of that already. Unfortunately that's the only thing I can think of :(

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I tried everything and still same problem but I never tried using a different PC.

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Also I have a account with Dani Web :D I can post with out any problems.

Name one of the sites that you can not register.

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naruto forums, fishing forums, all most forums ends with .PHP.

I just successfully registered at Maybe this thread should be moved to Hardware and Software where someone can help you resolve the problem.

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