My HP PC a6207c is 7 years old. Has Vista. Became very sluggish and started crashing all the time. Is only used for personal use, not business. When it crashes, a message comes on the monitor saying "monitor is going to sleep." Then it shuts down. I tried resetting to prior time of computer working properly, but didn't work. This has worked many times in the past, but not today. So, I decided to do Factory Image Recovery. Have tried this using recovery disks at least 4 times today. It gets to the point of "Reinstalling original content" with Recovery Disk #2, then it gets to 99% complete and 5 minutes time remaining and a message comes up: "MBR.Dll - Application error. The exception integer division by zero. (0xc0000094) occurred in the application at location 0x004147fb. Click on OK to terminate the program." I click ok and then i get a message to please wait a moment while windows prepares to start for the first time..... However, it hangs there and never starts until finally the message once again comes up that the monitor is going to sleep. Can anyone advise me what I should try now? Not much $ here, so hoping for an inexpensive fix.

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Hi Shanann, welcome. I'm curious to know if you have upgraded the hard drive in this pc to a larger drive or ever replaced it in the seven years its been running?

Have you considered installing Linux on this system? Also, have you determined that the system drives are still good? Seven years is a long time in computer terms, though I have some discs that are about that old, but still good - I monitor them constantly.

No, I have never upgraded or replaced the hard drive. I'm not sure what Linux is. How would I know if the drivers are still good? How would I make sure they are good? I realize the computer is getting on in age but as $ is tight and we don't use the computer for much and only personal stuff - some Internet, e-mail, word documents and printing and syncing my iPhone with iTunes. Also printing/faxing sometimes, so thought we could put off getting a new laptop for awhile longer. Your help is most appreciated. Thank you. Shanann

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