So. I've started learning basic programming, using special site which gives you video courses.

I've got my Visual Studio 2013 (Update 3), from special site for children of our school.
Now, everything went fine, until I had to meet "if" statements in C#.
Curly brackets are finished just fine, and you may think I'm histerical but, man, I really hate the way it does it, for example, it does:

if (ourValue == 50)
    Console.WriteLine("ourValue is indeed equal to 50");

But I'm fan of always doing:

if (ourValue == 50) {
    Console.WriteLine("ourValue is indeed equal to 50");

And I know it's stupid for yanking like a 'lil kid "I don't like this way cry", but I feel cold chill through my spine whenever I see Visual Studio correcting me that way, I just can't stand that I can't automatically write the code, in my style and I have to force myself to write code in other format than I'm used to.

Is there a way to change it? Not turn it off, change it.

Under "Tools->Options->Text Editor->C#->Formatting->New Lines" are the rules for the open brace on each case (new methods, control blocks, etc), maybe you can find the one you want there.

I'm not proud of doing the easy whacky way of just asking for help without trying to find it on internet. But right after I posted, I went on my research. From quote above you come into a menu, where you have about 7 possible ways to disable/enable "new-line-brackets", if you love 'em the same way I do love 'em, just uncheck all the boxes and it won't bother you anymore [Frozen fans disappointed?]

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