I thought I'd install the newest Visual Studio (2013) but all that happens is this (see below). I have all available updates installed plus the latest C++ runtimes. Does anyone have any suggestions? Attempts to get the referenced update result in downloading Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 and when I try to install that it says I can only install it after I install Visual Studio 2013 which I can't install until after I install the patch which is apparenty included in the update.


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I've never installed that but looking into 'incorrect function' makes me think that there is something wrong with the installation file itself, well the integrity of it. Try checking MD5 checksum of the file on your pc and the server that you downloaded it from(They must've provided one there)

You'd think that there would be a checksum check built in to the installer in which case it could just say "the install file is corrupt." In any case, I've downloaded it twice with the same (non)result. I prefer to download the iso and install locally but I tried the internet install (which inclludes Update 4) and got exactly the same outcome.

Downloaded from a different source and it installed corretly.

Sweet =)

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