The hdd died. Afterwards on start up the computer asks to insert a boot disk etc. Per the Geek Squad the hdd is OOC.

I installed a new hdd, found a Vista installation disk and used it to verify operability of the computer itself and things seem OK. I want to reinstall Widows 7.

Is there a way to do this without purchasing the $50 recovery CD from Asus? Secondly, are there means to read the damaged hdd to recover files other than sending it off to specialty companies? It's not worth the $$$ they charge.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.


If this system was still under warranty, then insist that Asus provides you a new installation disc gratis! If not, then caveat emptor - never purchase a system without recovery devices, or a means to re-install the operating system if there is a major failure such as this!

This is why I will NEVER purchase a Windows system - Linux for me thanks. At least I can download/install new versions without paying through the nose!