I just built an HTPC using the Asus AT3IONT-I motherboard which has onboard CPU and GPU. The board is supposed to be HDMI ready, but I am getting no sound through HDMI to my TV. I know the HDMI cable and my TV settings are fine, because I can get sound using my laptop perfectly fine. All drivers are up to date, and I even flashed the BIOS. I have been into the audio settings in control panel and HDMI is set to default. When I run 'test' in audio device applet, the green bar moves up and down, which shows me that my system is registering the sound. All of the volume controls are set to max settings, and the speaker at the bottom right of the desktop shows HDMI at 100%.
I have searched Google, and MANY other forums, but I haven't received a straight, useful answer. Everyone else's problems are either driver related, or they haven't set their HDMI to default, or whatever. I have done all that. Any ideas??
Thanks in advance.

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do ur moniter there gt the audio input??when i buy my monitor is like this too...no sound when i using HDMI,so check is there a audio input beside ur HDMI there...hope this might help u

It is possible that your monitor does not support HDMI audio. I think this is a pretty new capability (could be wrong about that). In any case, as vincent5487 said, check to see that your sound source on the monitor is set to use the HDMI stream, if you can do so.

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