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Related to another thread that has been posted. Now, my boot manager (GRUB) shows 4 options.

1 Ubuntu (really important one using for data).
1 Ubuntu (just for testing, but have to delete it).
1 Windows 7 (to delete)
1 Windows 7 (to delete)

Now it's easy to find tutorial which will point out how to delete parititon selection from menu, just by looking at it's name. So both Windows' are easily removable, along with their partitions. Then when we look at Ubuntu, the two of them, are exactly same, they have same name, started from same ISO. The only difference is that first one (the one I want to delete) is on sda1 and the second that I need to keep on sda4. Here's the problem. Tutorials show how to manage GRUB options, and how to delete booting "set-ups", by their names, but both Linuxes are called the same. Now I know that GRUB itself shows Ubuntu 14.04 LTS -blablabla- (dev/sda4), but applications which can manage GRUB don't.

How can I manage to delete the correct Ubuntu without taking risk of taking my important data down?