MPT BIOS fault
I Cannot boot my Dell 690. The message I get is: "Unable to load LSI Logic Corp MPT BIOS MPT BIOS fault 03h encountered at adapter PCI (05h, 0Bh, 00h). No boot device available.
Stike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility.
I get a momentary Dell screen. diagnostic lights are 123 green. I dont won't to interfere with setup settings at present without seeking advice. But wondered whether I should select factory defaults.
The PC is running Windows 10 upgraded from Windows 7 Pro. I have the Windows 7 Pro disk and wondered whether I could boot up with that and then check Device Manager for issues with the hardware.

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Boot into the BIOS and check the UEFI settings. Windows 10 probably requires secure boot to be enabled.

Thanks Rubberman. I dont know what the UEFI settings are supposed to be as UEFI is not on my old workstation. I have enabled all drives though and changed ATA to AHCI which is the default and I was able to get Windows to start.

I hadn't been altering anything so wonder why my two hard drives are not displayed in the BIOS.

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