I am doing an experiment for Biology. The goal is to see if a person is more responsive to visual stimuli on one side of their peripheral vision over the other, due to their cross-dominance. I have a limited amount of equipment (2 Windows laptops or 2 Macbooks). I am trying to figure out the best set up.

Since, I'm testing peripheral vision, one monitor will not serve my needs. I thought I will have two laptops angled and spaced out in front of the subject. Each laptop will be running some sort of program that I will hopefully be able to code (related question by me: http://www.daniweb.com/software-development/python/threads/439983/python-program-for-visual-reaction-time)

Now if I can connect a mouse to two computers, it will make things much easier. Basically I want the same mouse to be sending the signal to both computers at the same ime for every press. Is this possible? I can't use seperate input devices because that will create more variables in my experiment (e.g., Is one hand more responsive thant the other?...)

If that's no possible, I think my only alternative is based on the setup described in the link above. This method will only work if both computers are synchronized to the EXACT time. Is this possible on a PC or MAC? Thanks.

Logitech has unifying software that lets device become associated to USB dongles.

So if you have about $40, buy 2 logitach mice with the unifying usb dongle. Run the unifying software, and associate the same mouse to 2 different usb dongles. Plug one dongle into each pc and you should get the result you are after.

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