Hey Geeks! I've been having a problem with my SD card. I really cant format it after trying everything. I have formatted it using diskpart, cmd, disk management and third-party tool but nothing happens. At first it notifies that it has formatted successfully and all the space available becomes free when looking at the sdcard properties. But when I unmount it and mount it again it always gets back to its original as if the sdcard was not formatted at all. I also cannot delete files. No matter how I delete it always comes back as if nothing happened.I can copy files to outside of the sdcard but I cannot paste files from outside.

Please help me with this problem.


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If this is a full-size sd card then it has a read-only slide that sometimes gets moved into the read-only from read-write position. If this is the case, that would explain your situation. If you are using a micro SD card and you use a full-size SD carrier, then the carrier will have that same slide/switch.


@rubberman: What i have is a micro SD card, and I did not inserted it in any full-size SD carrier. I just used to insert it on my phone. When I mounted on the pc to copy files it doesn't copy nor delete anymore.

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