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hi, i am looking for the most realistic racing simulator. I want it to be like real driving. And i also want it to be a free roam racing game. i prefer an offroad racing simulator. i use windows 7 64 bit. nvidia geforce 8400 gs low profile. Intel(R) Core(TM) 1.87 GHz (clocked speed is quite fast). 4 gb of ram. I use a Logitec MOMO wheel controller. thanks

Hi coolman, so what is your budget for the racing simulator or have you already bought one?

Um, I should have a budget big enough if I dont have to buy something other than the game.

Well, I really wish I had the money for one of those but I am looking for the most realistic open world racing game.

I really like motorm4x but my logitec MOMO won't work on that game. I also like dirt 2 (but it's not open world).

I have that game but i hardly play it. But the game only suits for xbox or pc, i have a xbox 360, thus i am able to play. Good luck, if you find it fun, you might want to purchase it. Mine is the full version but only my brother plays it. lol

Gran Turismo is an ideal racing sim, but not open world, and on PS (unless have an emulator to use on PC) and also have games like Test Drive (PC versions)

Well, my Internet speed is so freaking slow that the download should be done by Friday. I live high in the mountains and a fast Internet speed cost 3 times more than what it is right now.

What your internet speed. There should always be a cheaper way to increase your speed. Just curious why are you living so high in the mountains?

My Internet speed I think is 150 kilobits per second. And I live in the mountains because I'm terrified of crime. The high town of elk ridge has the third lowest amount of crime in the world.

Well that is slow. Have you try upgrading it to around 3 mbp/s. So your internet speed is faster. What are you using for internet speed. A router and modem or a usb modem?

I'm using a router. And, my dad has looked everywhere and he can't find a faster internet speed for cheaper.

Try using a Linksy or Asus router. They are much faster and some are cheap as well. See the link i posted. What is your OS and how old is your laptop?

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