ok The Maya used trinary variables two fluctuating and one solid for zero. They added many numbers in a stack that started with 20^0 and added across to the right on each stack. the next stack up was 20^1 ...20^n so ONLY at the end thay multiplied to the stack level ie. 1234*20^3. Their base20 number system, very similar to Morse code where zero is completeness or a space in Morse. So language can be expressed lifting letter equivalents off Morse tables and just have a slammin' stick to type, do math or sext...
Maybe the compiler can convert the base10 scientific to or, if you care to learn the peasant enabled maya math, base20 down to the three variables? the zero variable is used only once to define absolutely zero not a part of 10,20... so this zero operation can have a small circuit or a iterative guess code take care of that operation when zero rarely comes up? This might "upgrade" current technology and not start from scratch? I want to learn EE & computers but here's my dumb question: Can +, - be a fluctuating numbers or is it absolute in current binary?? All three be a sort of variable for 3D applications amplitude/Z/phi? (period, amplitude, time/x, y, z/r, theta, phi systems) So say it would be niche computing for...?

Huh? Mayan math is not my forte. You might want to contact someone at the National Anthropoligal Museum in Mexico City about this.