So I have an Xbox 360 and it is NOT hacked in any way. I am a gamer but I do mostly PC gaming therefore I do not my Xbox for gaming much, at least not online. My xbox is used primarily as a Media Center extender and I love it for that. I also play stuff like Guitar Hero, Rock Band and some other games (recent some Kinect games). I did create an Xbox Live account at some point but I barely used it. Now I want to start playing with some friends online so I was planning on using my XB Live account more.

Problem: I recently realized that my Live account has been disabled or something like that. I don't recall the exact message but when I tried to login to my Live account on the console, my Xbox gave me some sort of error message saying the account has been disabled because the xbox has been hacked on something like that. Could someone have stolen my account? How do I get it enabled again?


Can you login from your computer online?
You may need to setup another account; could try contacting them but support from Microsoft isn't fantastic(at least in my opinion). Irony is that some hack their Xbox to get past the ban.

- Let us know how it goes.

Your best option would be to just create a new account. You can go through the hassle with Microsoft trying to re-enable your account, but if you aren't an avid user of xbox live, and dont have much to lose in the sense of starting over... definitely just create a new account. many factors could be causing this, and sometimes it isn't worth going through the hassle of figuring it out. Now, if it happens again... it's something to raise concern for sure.

I know... trouble is I am knowing in the gaming circles as WASDted since the beginning of time :(

Hmm. Well if it is that important to you, i'd call the company and sort it out.

Lol else you could change WASDted to WA5Dted ?

no no no no no, LOL. The WASD needs to stay, it represents FPS gaming on PC. That's my heritage Jamie :)

I understand... I was being facetious. lol sry.

I pretty much only game via PC also. hahaha

I got that J, lol, that's why I threw a 3 y/o fit :P
what's your genre? I'm into FPS and Flight Sim on PC but I dabble in all genres really, try 'em all, enjoy most of it, even on other platforms from time to time.

Im all about RTS. Old school command and conquer, Red alert, Age of empires, Worms Armageddon, Warcraft, Starcraft, etc. I also like cheesy cheap-o games like I of the dragon. Haha. I dabbled in MMO's for a little bit, WoW, DDO, but found them boring. FPS are all right, they just dont hold my attention for very long. Im also a HUGE fan of puzzle games, like portal. Portal is one of my all time favorites. :)

What's your favorite game ever?

HA! You can change your xbox live name to any of these...




I personally think NUMPADted sounds hilarious.

funny you say that. the reason i got into FPS is because of lack or time and attention needed to play ;)

i used to play RTS a lot, i was totally hooked on AOE, warcraft, starcraft and the original red alert. LOVE IT LOVE IT.


my favorite game ever?? hard to say, i've been playing since the atari days...
topping the list:
Transport Tycoon
Medal of Honor
... but there are many more greats that i love

NUMPADted FTW! hahahahahaha. YES.

awesome taste in games, btw.

FPS's that i DO enjoy? Bioshock, borderlands, section 8, etc.

Bulletstorm was a waste of my time. Have you played it yet? Felt like context was written by a bunch of 10 year old boys who just found out what swear words were. LOL.
Obnoxious...tried WAY too hard in my opinion. I got half way through and just got annoyed and lost interest.

nope, haven't even given bulletstorm a thought

obviously, i wouldn't recommend it. ^_^

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