As I sit here on my Windows 7 pc. Doing research and playing a few games of chess and poker. I wonder why do I have to load all this clutter in order to execute a few commands?

So I guess the six million dollar question is.

Is there an operateing system that loads just the basics for web browsing?

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Sounds like you need a Chromebook...

Or a light-weight Linux system, which is basically what a Chromebook is. In any case, they are also much less likely to become infected with malware than a Windows system, plus they are free!

I've been looking into finding a good Linux build. Once I find it I will need a way to point my hard drive to an online site for storage.

Any suggestions?

IT Dreamer

Just for web browsing and online storage? Chomebook was mentioned. Another one that comes to mind is Android for PC, but you may want to run it from a LiveCD or USB drive before you install it. That will give you a better idea of what it is and if it will suit your needs.
Android for PC

Puppy Linux is a small Linux distribution, but doesn't focus on cloud (online) storage. Again, I suggest trying it before you install it.

I'm sure there are other good options for you, so you may want to wait for more replies. Good luck!

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