I am having a problem, my power light is blinking but laptop won't boot up, however when I push and hold either the FN key or the Windows key the screen comes on and it starts to boot. As long as I hold down either one of those keys the computer works, however if I let the key up the screen goes off and it shuts down to the power button blinking again. If I push either of the buttons again it boots up again.... what the heck could be causing this?
HP Pavillion

Quite the odd duck there. It's a strange one so I'd want to know more about the PC as to make, model, age before I'd guess what it is this time.

HP Pavillions were desktops, laptops, etc. Mostly cheaps so you always consider repair versus replacement costs.

Be sure to try it without any bootable media to see if something bizarre is going on with the installed OS. If the machine is a few years old, pop in a new CMOS battery. Yes you can get out the Volt meter but I find many folk that get into PC repair don't get one right away. The usual CR2032 is a few dimes here so only your newest repair person balks at popping in a new one to remove this as a possible problem source.

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