Inbetween contracts over the last year or so I have been beavering away building a CMS with a difference.

It's aimed at companies that have huge libraries of documents that every employee needs (operating procedures, handbooks, guides, etc) locked away in inflexible propriatory formats (aka Sharepoint/Confluence).

  • documents are stored in plain text (Markdown) files
  • the 'database' is a Git repository (but end-users needn't know!)
  • authors can work online using the web editor (but power users can clone the repo and work in whichever editor they like)
  • the documentation is 'published' to a static site, the theme can be customised (using CSS and HTML templates) by the company to match their styleguide

So, why am I posting here? Well, I can no longer see the wood for the trees. To the uninitiated, am I making sense? Is the website nonsense?

Please let me know, any feedback is welcome.

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Oh, and in case anyone hasn't guessed, the website is still in progress. A logo is in the works and the text needs some refinement.

Just one. In the circles I run (trying not to get dizzy here) everytime we look at document and such management the principles always demand a no-Cloud system. That is a system we host inside the company on our servers.

Is there an option for that?

Yep. This isn't a SAAS, it's self-hosted; either on your own cloud platform (AWS, GCP, Azure, whatever) or on your own hardware.

So it can be self hosted on classic Linux or Windows Servers and no requirement for a proprietary cloud? Super.

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