i am a student of diploma in electronics and telecomm
can anyone suggest me projects related to the below domains:-
wireless communication
power electronics
electrical and electronics
Instrumentation and control system
embedded system

Re: Final year diploma project 80 80

I'm always confused by questions like this...

You studied this field. You know your stuff.. build something important to you - with EE you can do SOOOO much.. Take something that you are interested in or something that a family member or friend could benefit from. The quality of what you produce will be SO much higher when you have someone (especially yourself) in mind when making something usable. Your grade will reflect the care, usability, and expression of what you have learned.

Re: Final year diploma project 80 80

You talking to me?

I'm an embedded electronics designer of many decades. I think what you can do is nearly unlimited but today I'd have to find out if I can use a Raspberry Pi as the platform to host my project. Only you may know this or you may have to ask. Since these Pi can control motors, have many wireless options it's still quite the open plains (no roads where we are going) you can do almost anything you want.

Think about what you want to create. Tell us about that.

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