When it comes to using an OS at home, Windows and macOS are great options. If you’re at home, you don’t need a powerful operating system, especially for simple tasks like typing or surfing the internet. For games, the Windows operating system is well optimized than that of the Mac.

An operating system is the software that allows you to run crucial applications on your computing device. It also helps manage the hardware resources of a computer. Similarly, it helps support basic functions like scheduling tasks and controlling peripherals; such as keyboard, mouse, speakers, among others.

When discussing the fastest operating system, there is no argument that the Linux based operating system is the lightest and fastest operating system on the market right now. You don’t need a powerful processor unlike Windows, to function at an optimal level.
what do you think of the best os during 2020?

Re: These are the best OS of 2020, which one to choose? 80 80

It appears you limited your choices to PCs from Apple and others.

Ever use a Rasberry Pi system?

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