hey, I recently downloaded the Burnout Paradise The Ultimate Box legendary cars pack for pc. http://www.criteriongames.com/packs/legendary_cars.php I downloaded it and installed it but for some reason I dont know how to get the cars. I dont know if this problem has to do with the online multiplayer because whenever I try to login to Burnout Paradise online multiplayer, it says that i have an invalid cd key. any solutions?

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> any solutions?
Tech support?

Hi thecoolman5 see you again. Have you try installing burnout on other computer and try going online with it. If that computer also have the same problem that means the software have problem or you did not follow the correct steps or miss some steps while installing. You can try going to the burnout forum and see whether if other gamers are experiencing the same problem.

Well, I have looked online pretty much everywhere and a lot of burnout players have the same problem. And each thread that I have read about this problem, not one of them were solved. And I really don't think that the problem has to do with me installing the game because on those forums that I looked at, people say that the problem only happens when they install the game update

Then have you tried newer or older version of the game. i have burnout on my xbox but not burnout paradise so i do not encounter this problem before. Try using older or newer version and see whether the problem persists. If yes contact the game developer

yes, i contacted ea games and the online multiplayer works now, but the game wont let me purchase the legendary cars pack.

See whether other players can purchase too if not use cheat code if there is one...

Yeah, other players can purchase the pack. And there are no cheat codes to the game. I'll keep looking for a solution.

Call up the game developer again

Call up the game developer again

I did. They told me to update my graphics card driver. I don't know why but that didn't really help. I feel like that if I try again, they'll tell me to update something else.

Go and change the game with the person you bought from. Go to the store and ask the owner can you change the game cos there is a problem with yours

I actually got the game from my cousin, and he didn't tell me where he bought it. I don't think that the it's the game that won't let me purchase the pack, I'm pretty sure that it's the online multiplayer. When I go to purchase the pack, the game says that I am too young or my account isn't set up for purchasing. And when I go to set up my billing information, the website says that my connection has timed out. And every time I re-login, it just says the exact same thing.

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