Hi DaniWeb People.

I am not really a network guy so please excuse me if this is a silly question. I want to find out if it is possible for me to set up one server that allows me to create various user profiles and let employees log into the one central server, almost like a terminal.

How does one go about doing something like that? Should I use Windows Server xxxx with Active Directory?

I basically want my users to be able to log in from anywhere in the world.

Thank you in advance.

I strongly advise against this as you would be exposing your Windows Server to the Internet and not the usual office scenario. I think a beginner might be able to do this in an office setting but you are asking for a lot more security than I will write here.

Also is that your real goal? I mean since such a login requires the Pro or better versions of Windows or Apple OS then did your company pay for those user's PCs and OS upgrades? If not, you are talking a big chunk of change to get each user from Home to Pro and then the support each user will demand.

If you are asking your first qestion above I worry you are not ready as a company to do any of this work. Before you do this consider taking more courses in Windows Server (latest version) setup and administration. During your course you can pick your teacher's mind about deploying on the Internet.

No company I know will do this as there are big security issues and can royally F-U the company as the employee productivity tanks as they can't login over the Internet.

-> If you want "terminals" why not research Terminal Server solutions instead?

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