The program of the mini project MUST consists ALL of the following:
i. Function (that INCLUDES: value parameter & reference parameter)
ii. Selection (that INCLUDES: if, if-else, if-else if & switch-case)
iii. Repetition/Loop (that INCLUDES: while, for & do-while)
iv. Array (that INCLUDES: One-Dimensional with the use of loop & TwoDimensional with the use of nested loop)
v. Passing one-Dimensional Array to Function (that INCLUDES types of passing:
individual element & whole array)
vi. Passing two-Dimensional Array to Function (that INCLUDES types of passing:
individual element, whole array & one row)
vii. c-string Functions (that INCLUDES: strcpy/strncpy, strcmp, strcat/strncat)
viii. File (that INCLUDES: Input file & Output file)

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This is just a homework assignment. How can we help you with it? What do you have so far? Is there somewhere that you’re stuck? Please show your work and we will try to help.

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