which is better firefox or chrome?

Well both are amazing web browsers. But for me Google Chrome is best for me on the basis of its Chrome Extensions.

I've been using the Brave Browser for a couple of months now. It's based on Chrome and has built in ad blocking. It supports Chrome extensions.

Switched to Firefox at work, Simply because Chrome is yet to implement Wayland support. Firefox is great, To be honest I don't notice the difference really apart from the when I use the dev tools.

Firefoxes push for privacy is really cool though, I think chrome is (or soon) blocking traking cookies, but Firefox has been doing this for a while.

commented: FF also blocks FingerPrinting. More at https://blog.mozilla.org/security/2020/01/07/firefox-72-fingerprinting/ +15

Firefox has pushed out an update that (in the US for now) uses encrypted DNS lookup so that your ISP cannot track your DNS queries. Other countries, presumably, will follow shortly.

If firefox did release built in VPN facility then I guess Firefox will be better.

commented: Just a comment. I use Opera from time to time since it's "all too easy" to flip the VPN to "on." +15