In an earlier Discussion post, I complained about MS changing my preference settings with each update. Since, I have found many more changes. One was, I had gone to CMD Properties and set CMD to always open with elevated privileges. You guesses it. It was switched back.

With the 1909 Cumulative Update we lost our ability to search within folders. After trying eleven 'fixes' touted on the Internet, I had to uninstall these latest updates to get my search option back. I do wish MS would spend more time correcting errors such as this rather than on inventing witty and meaningless terminology.

Case in point:

I use to spend a lot of time developing my Speech Recognition dictionary. In the past two years, I haven't devoted any time to it. Today, I decided to pick it up again. I was greeted with this heading:

Configure your Speech Recognition experience

In essence, Configure an experience.

Is there any one of you who can tell me just how you can configure an experience?

Me thinks I will need hip boots for future 'new' terminologies.

Edit title. please

Ha ha. I deserved that.

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