Monitor My Website?


Is there any best tools available to monitor my website like finding traffic and backlinks...Where am getting currently visitors to my site on which region..


If we're still talking about YOUR site - indeed, Google is the best one to help you, as well as Bing Webmaster Tools. It seems you can get analysis by region as well. I also use - first of all for it's nice infographics, keyword analysis, domain comparison, etc. Than there is also - it provides the list of backlinks (by domains and links themselves, like any other such tool, however), website world ranking, alexa rating position, Google Anaytics Account, Location etc. And one of my faves - - you can compare up to 5 websites with the help of it - their internal/external followed links, total links etc.


Webmaster Tools and google Analytics will help you.


Atechnocrat Web Solution

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