After getting good response in Linkedin. This is Priya Gupta offering dedicated Web Promotion services to your businesses. My SEM/SEO Team has expertise in Google Optimization; I have been in this industry (SEM/SEO) since 2 Years and optimized more then 100 Websites and managed more then 20 Adwords campaigns). Many clients are taking our services more than 1 years.

Here is my Linkedin profile for your reference. You can directly chat with me at priyavjgupta at gmail dot com as well for your queries.


We believe in search engine ranking, normally LinkBuilders working here for Page Rank only…and page rank will not give you search engine ranking and good traffic. I have worked many website from launching and get the top rank in 2 months and site has only PR 0 to PR 2 now but client still happy because they were getting good business from website.

You will get the analysis report with pricing and time frame for expected result from our side and after project finalization, you need to do payment (100% money back guaranty), and your hired SEO/Link Builder will start work on your project.

You can directly chat with your SEO, and he/she will send you weekly or monthly report as you like.

I will arrange the interview with My SEO’s if you want. So you can chat with them for your satisfaction as well. You can hire SEO’s for full time, project basis or hourly basis.

Here are the price details:

Below package included the following persons: (Nobody/company will give you 3 professionals in this price)

1. SEM/SEO Manager
2. Link Builder
3. Content writer (included in this package)

Full Time: $ 3/hrs, 8 hrs a day, 25 days a month = $ 600
Project basis: $ 3.60/hrs, 8 hrs a day, 25 days a month = $ 720
Hourly basis: $ 3.60/hrs, 8 hrs a day, 25 days a month = $ 720

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Wow, sounds real good. How many links an hour do I get at the $3.60 rate?

I only want the directory links and the blog comment links. Have your SEOs experience with this special kind of linking?

Thanks in advance for your prompt response.

Hi Fred,

Yes I have experience with directory links & blog comment links.
I will submit 10-15 links in an hour at the rate of $3.60/hr.


Hi Fred,

Yes I have experience with directory links & blog comment links.
I will submit 10-15 links in an hour at the rate of $3.60/hr.


Oh that's awesome. Let me do the math. That's about 100 directory links and/or blog comments per day. You're some quick. I have a couple of questions if that's OK:

What if I had a customer of mine that wanted 2000 blog comments a day and 1000 directory links a day. That's 3,000 links altogether. That would be equivalent to a month at 8 hr day at a rate of $3.60. That doesn't sound too bad. Here's the problem though, they'd need it all done in two days. That would mean that you'd have to find 15 others as good as you. Could you muster up such a force of SEOs that quickly.

I'm thinking of leaning towaeds sending Twitter messages deriving from sources outside of Canada in hopes that this will bring me more international coverage. I find the automated methods too mechanical, I'd rather get two hundred different type of writers posting altogether at a rate of 2 message per second. Could you find that kind of resource at a little lower rate of course than a qualified SEO like you.

I had a couple of more questions but I'll look forward to hearing from you about this.

Please don't keeping me waiting too long.

Hi Fred,

Rightnow I have team of 3 SEO's who are involved in SEO, SEM, Link Building and Article/Directory submission. If you have customer that needs someone to submit 3000 links altogether in a day. It means I will need to hire atleast 14 more SEO's for this job.
Building a workforce of qualified SEO is not a problem, but retaining them for longer run I need that much amount of work on monthly basis.
Can we begin with submission of 200 links on daily basis and then later on I will add few more qualified SEO's for submission of 3000 or more links a day.
We are also doing the Press Release & Article Submission job.
If you would also require writer for posting Article or Press Release I will expand my team based on volume of work and future plan.

Gmail: priyavjgupta

...We are also doing the Press Release & Article Submission job...

I betcha' they'd be something special to look at.

I have a web site. Would you like to preform SEO on that?

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