I am wondering how I can charge for SEO services. I think one choice would be charging for every chain of words used to search in google depending on which page it shows up in google results and on which position in the page is shows up.

For example:
chain_1: "word11 word12 word13"
chain_2: "word21 word22 word23 word24"
chain_3: "word31 word32"
chain_n: "word_n1 ... word_nm" where m is the number of words of the chain n.

Therefore, we would charge:
for chain y we would charge

charge_y= f(page(chain_y),z) + g(positionInPage(chain_y),w)

z = oldPage(chain_y)-page(chain_y))

w = oldPositionInPage(chain_y)-positionInPage(chain_y))

f =
- decreasing function of the page in which the website shows up for a particular search and the difference with the page the website showed up for the same search before the SEO. The less the number of the page, the bigger the result function f returns.
- increasing function of z: The bigger the difference between the page number in which the website shows up before and after the optimization, the bigger the result f returns.

g =
- decreasing function of the position on the page in which the website shows up for a particular search. The less the position on the page, the bigger the result function g returns.
- increasing function of w in case oldPage(chain_y)>page(chain_y)

So we would end up adding all the charges:
totalCharge = charge_1+charge_2+....charge_n

Now, we would have to define f, g and h functions in order to have a specific way to charge for SEO services. Do you know how we could define specific funcionts f, g and h? Can you come up with any idea?

At the same time, the SEO services would always be charged as long as there was even a slight improvement of the SEO just becausse we are considering the h function

What do you think of this way of charging for SEO services?

Do you think it is feasible?

I would appreciate if you could tell me any advice, any way to improve it and
any other way to charge for SEO services that you think is better than the one I just described ...

Any suggestion is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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...What do you think of this way of charging for SEO services?

Do you think it is feasible?...

Try explaining all that to your client and see what the reaction is. Much too complicated for the average mind.

Will you pay them if words drop?

I use a similar system to rank a website, but I would never try and explain how it works to client, nor charge based on it. I just call it their market rank and use it to help indicate progress.

You want to make sure your functions take into account the value and relevance of the chains. How many people search using the phrase, does it convert, is it a localised, national or international position. Are places pages shown...

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Pay after you rank

It all depends on the keyword's competition and searches and ranking position you want to achieve. For example if your client ask for ranking on first page definitely its cost will be high and if he want to see his keywords in first 5 pages then its cost will be low.

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